I am sharing this article not only for dog lovers but for everyone… as you can see there are many dog lovers who love dogs more and more than humans. Here i will share with you WHY?


Our relationship with dogs are very much like parent child relationships. We respond to our dogs quite a bit like human children. Mothers respond in the same way to  their own dog like they treat their own children.

Dogs are man’s best friend . They are the most loyal , caring and lovable creatures of this world. They never breaks your heart . Dog lovers, love dogs more than people because dogs loves you more and more . All they want is your time , your affection ,  your compassion towards them . With dogs, things are different. They are so understanding , whenever you feel low they always try to comfort you and whenever you are happy , they will make themselves a part of your happiness .

Dogs have a special chemistry with humans that goes back many tens of thousands of years. The human-dog relationship amounts to a very long lasting relationship. Dogs act as human’s alarm systems , trackers , and hunting aides , children’s guardians and playmates. Humans provide dogs with food and security.  Humans domesticated dogs and dogs domesticated humans. 

At last , what i want to remind you all is that… you will never regret your time , if you share it with your dogs. So, just love more and more dogs and give your time and care to them as much as you can….