We all have one precious life and everyone lives in two types of world : The present world  and The world of our dream . We usually face a real world, everyday we prepare ourselves for a new phase of life. 

The present world is the current real life and The world of our dream is that world which we want in our future. Both worlds are different from eachother. One teaches us to face the real struggles so we can fulfill the dreams and self expectations and another world gives us the hope of never losing the spark of ourself. Every person needs a hope to survive  in this world and basically for dealing with this world you need to be focused on  your dreams that’s why the world of our dream is basic.

Everyday is a new beginning , everyday you do something new , you learn something new. Dreams are actually stairs of our future. Once you prepare yourself to get balanced on it , you begin achieving it. And once you will see your dreams are turning real and bringing happiness in your life …you will get addicted to it. But for doing such thing you need to live in the present with a focused mind . So both worlds have their own importance.

Don’t depend on only one world like “only dreaming something but doing nothing for achieving it or living in the present without any future expectations from yourself”. Make sure that both worlds will balance your life equally so just be focused , loved and blessed👉🏼❣👈🏼