Behavioural disorders among adults

Behavioural disorders among adults


A descriptive study of behavioral problems in schoolgoing children are of significant concern to teachers and parents.
Five hundred children aged 6-18 years were randomly selected from a government school in kanpur, and U.P, and assessed for cognitive, emotional and behavioural problems using standarized tools.
About 22.7% of children showed behavioral, Cognitive or emotional problems. Additional screening and evaluation tools pointed toward a higher prevalence of externalizing symptom among boys than girls.

               10 of the most common adult                                behavioral disorder                                 

1 – Behavioral addiction
Is there something that you can’t stop doing.
2 – Schizophrenia
Typically affect adults more than children.
3 – Anxiety
Everyone experiences anxiety, but it becomes a problem when it affects your day-to-day life.

If concentration is a huge problem for you. you may have ADHD.
5 – Depression
How many of your friends or co-workers openly say they are depressed.
6 – OCD = Obsessive compulsive disorder
Wanting everything perfect all of the time is a sign of OCD.
7 – Eating Disorder
Food disorders are not just stereotypical teenage girl problems.

8 – Panic
Panic attacks are also an issue adults face.
9 – PTSD = Post traumatic stress disorder
PTSD affects more than just veterans an abusive relationship can cause it too.

10 – SAD = Seasonal affective disorder 
A snowy and isolating winter can leave you depressed.