Bring to an end using ‘Single-Use Plastic’.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India has taken a step forward towards the initiative of “Ban on Single-Use Plastics” which will not only save our environment but also will make our environment better towards growth on health. The Ministry of Civil Aviation, supports the movement of the Honorable Prime Minister of India and welcomes this initiative for witnessing the newest change in the growing India. This change will save our environment with several issues. 

According  to Aniket Dey who is currently the Standing Committee Member & Independent Charge of Airport Authority of India & Directorate of Civil Aviation (D.G.C.A), Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India,argues public to give there full support on Plastic Ban and take a step to for Stop Single-Use Plastic. “An idea that will save the lives of people as well as lives of animals”. This great initiative done by the Ministry will encourage the idea of “Clean India, Green India”.

Support them and Ban using Plastics!!!