Launch of Book titled “Know Your Unique Self” in 6th Global Literary...

Launch of Book titled “Know Your Unique Self” in 6th Global Literary Festival.



Noida:The largest literary festival of North India, 6th Global Literary Festival was held Noida recently from 17th September to 18th September. In this literary festival, there were many seminars, workshops, book releases, Mushaira and Kavi Sammelan were also organized.

The book, “Know Your Unique Self” written by Jasbir Grover in the Corona Era was released on 18th September at 10 am. On the occasion of this book release, the President of the festival Dr Sandeep Marwah said that “The core confidence in human beings comes from getting educated and that is why I’ve been serving in the field of education for the last 27 years”. He addressed to Jasbir Grover saying that he has done a great job by writing this book. Sandeep Marwah also told that it is during this pandemic that people have turned their heads towards writing and this practice has appeared all over the world. He believes that one should not be a linguistic pundit in order to write. If you have emotion, then you can express yourself on the paper.

Speaking on the occasion of the book release, Ashok Arora, Author and Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of India said that “There is a saying that all great people think alike and perhaps because of this, Jasbir Grover has done a great job by writing this book. Furthermore, he said that this Covid-19 pandemic showed how weak human existence is and only good-hearted people who have a love for the whole human beings can produce beautiful creative work”.

The young English novelist Tanmay Dubey said that “In this era, God forced the human to flee wildly and gave birth to a new mindset of thinking. That gave birth to new literature. Jasbir Grover’s book is a part of this episode. The way Jasbir has given creativity input in this book is awesome”.

Sharing the journey of this book, Jasbir Grover addressed in front of the masses that, “The day this book is released will always be remembered in my life. As far as my life journey is concerned, it was very difficult and I was also a victim of depression. It was on my mind that I will bring this book in a new form. My son has arthritis. In such circumstances, I wrote this entire book with him to encourage him. I had to connect him to creative work in such a difficult time. Through this medium, I want to tell everyone to have courage in difficult times. He told that his entire book has been sponsored by one of his students, Sumit”.

Mridula Tandon, president of Sakshi Social Organization, said on the occasion that “A lot of literature has been written during this pandemic. A lot of stories have come to us. The book Jasbir Grover has written during this era is definitely of this period. Suffering represents struggle and emotion. This book will surely create its fame in the coming times”.

Sushil Bharti, director of the Global Literary Festival, said that “Long ago I wrote a book titled, ‘Soul the Master Teacher’, the central theme was that there are 750 crores people on this planet but God has made everyone different. This means that the creation of God is amazing and human is a special human being in himself. But the challenge he posed to man was that he has to find his ‘unique self’ that creates something unique. Jasbir Grover has discovered a unique self through this book, ‘No Your Unique Self’. Written by Jasbir Grover and his son Jagpal in a very difficult time. Giving a positive message that will motivate a person to stand in difficult times and help people to express themselves in real sense.

This book is available on Amazon. Readers can buy and read this book from there.